I am an inquisitive with an education in politics/economics and working experience in client-facing and supervisory roles.

Ever since a child, I would love to break toys and learn how they worked. Studied each of their parts and then put them back together. Programming is very similar. You begin with one part of the project, and another part, and another part, and then before you know it, you have one seamless product.

Outside of programming, I love dogs, eating, camping, being with friends (doing something or nothing at all), and trying new things.

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MapMyPath is a single-page, full-stack web application built with Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL database, React and Google Maps API to allow users to map their runs and share with their friends.

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Ducks Hunter

A game inspired by the classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. You hunt two ducks with three bullets and as you progress, the faster, they fly! See how many you can get! Built with JavaScript and EaselJS.

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A JavaScript DOM library that allows users to traverse HTML documents for manipulation and event handling in an easy-to-use way that works across browsers, inspired by jQuery.